October/November 2009 • VOL 12 • NO 1

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Digital Scholarship Comes of Age
New questions about credibility, modes, and readership

A growing array

“People are experiencing the world through multiple media. That may mean we need to think about different forms of scholarship.”

“In terms of shaping scholarship, the technologist needs the scholar, and the scholar needs the technologist.”

Related: Emory Report's coverage of the e-journal Southern Spaces and the new certificate program in digital scholarship is here.

The Evidence of Transformation
Three faculty experiences of learning outcomes assessment

Knowledge and Application
Learning assessment in the Journalism Program

Learning to Follow the Butterfly
How dynamic learner outcomes helped me to be a better teacher

At the Heart of Learning
Assessing graduate student education in the biological sciences


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Voices in This Issue

Jeff Boatright, Ophthalmology
Liz Bounds, Theology
Robert Church, Ophthalmology
Marshall Duke, Psychology
Gary Laderman, Religion
Gordon Newby, Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Harry Rusche, English
Connie Moon Sehat, Woodruff Library
Bradd Shore, Anthropology
Sheila Tefft, Journalism

Allen Tullos, Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts
Keith Wilkinson, Biochemistry

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