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Vol. 12 No.2
Spring 2010

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Who owns your scholarship, and who can read it?
Open Access and the future of scholarly Publishing

Molecular Vision: One Journal's Journey

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Open Access Textbooks
Will Emory be a player or stay on the sidelines?

Digital Texts

Nurturing Accessible, High Quality Scholarship
Reflections on Ecology and Society

Spenser Goes Digital
An Open Access journal is free to the public but not free to produce

What's Old is New Again
Methodist Review as both scholarly tradition and digital pioneer

"We're clearly at a time of transition in the meaning of 'publication.' "

"We want to ensure that the results of original research are made widely accessible within the scientific community and beyond as quickly as possible."


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Library Journal news column
April 17, 2008

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition
Guide of Income Models for Supporting Open Access

Public Library of Science article on “Equity for Open-Access Journal Publishing.”

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