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Vol. 12 No.2
Spring 2010

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Who owns your scholarship, and who can read it?
Open Access and the future of scholarly Publishing

Molecular Vision: One Journal's Journey

For More Information

Open Access Textbooks
Will Emory be a player or stay on the sidelines?

Digital Texts

Nurturing Accessible, High Quality Scholarship
Reflections on Ecology and Society

Spenser Goes Digital
An Open Access journal is free to the public but not free to produce

What's Old is New Again
Methodist Review as both scholarly tradition and digital pioneer

"We're clearly at a time of transition in the meaning of 'publication.' "

"We want to ensure that the results of original research are made widely accessible within the scientific community and beyond as quickly as possible."


Websites mentioned in or background references, in the order in which they are mentioned in the article

MIT OpenCourseWare
(courses on this site marked with a T include Open Access textbook)

Connexions Consortium (Rice University)
Tools for Open Access authorship of many kinds of educational materials, including texts. Section on "authors tools" provides great overview of relevant issues, including intellectual property, technical support, and best practices for authorship
An activity of the Columbia University Press. "Any user may search, download, and save material, as appropriate, that is included in Gutenberg-e and may make single printed copies of individual writings for private personal use or research."
One of the books available on the site is by an Emory author: Andrade, T. How Taiwan Became Chinese.

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT)
Listing, Peer Review, and Ratings of On-line Textbooks htm?materialType=Open%20Textbook&sort property=overallRating

California Free Textbook Initiative
To identify digital texts that meet the content standards set by the California Educational System.

Make Textbooks Affordable
A project of Student PIRG (Public Interest Research Groups) laying out the problem and providing a catalog of available on-line resources. It also includes a petition that faculty interested in this issue can sign.

The Academic Exchange
"Digital Scholarship Comes of Age: New questions about credibility, modes, and readership."
Fall 2009.

Emory Magazine
"Virtual Vitality: A Sampling of Digital Publications at Emory." Winter 2010, pages 26-27. Includes Journal of Family Life, Methodist Review, Molecular Vision,
Practical Matters, Religion Dispatches,
and Southern Spaces.

Emory University Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Click on link "Search by Year." When accessed on February 19, 2010, it listed 315 theses from 2009, 113 from 2008, 34 from 2007.