Editorial Statement

Because its primary audience is the Emory faculty, the Academic Exchange strives for an intelligent common language that is neither jargon-ridden and technical nor overly popularizing and reductive. Our goal is to strike a balance between precision and accessibility. Similarly, discourse in the Academic Exchange reaches toward dialogue rather than dichotomy. We request that contributors attend to disagreements in a context of mutual respect and civility. We hope readers of the Academic Exchange use the publication to participate in thoughtful and spirited inquiry that will help grow and sustain a lively intellectual community.

Our policy is to turn frequently to the community for topic suggestions for future issues. An editorial advisory board of faculty who broadly represent the university also helps shape and determine themes, directions, and topics of each issue. 

Emory faculty members are invited and encouraged to contribute their ideas and opinions to the Academic Exchange. A range of approaches and formats is available to contributors, from submitting a completed essay to working with a writer to present ideas in interview format. Responses to essays are also welcome and will not be published without the author’s permission. Contact the managing editor for particulars on deadlines and submissions. For more details about the editorial process and issues of style in the Academic Exchange, please view our Author's Guide.

Send all correspondence to the below address, call 404.727.5269, fax 404.727.5284, or email aadam02@emory.edu.

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