About the AE

Established in 1998 in response to repeated calls from faculty members for a stronger, richer intellectual climate at Emory, the Academic Exchange is, first and foremost, a forum for Emory faculty work, life, and thought.  It exists to foster ongoing intellectual discourse among faculty colleagues and to create spaces for vigorous, candid, and civil engagement on scholarly and academic pursuits. A print publication issued twice per year consists of faculty-written opinion essays around a single theme per issue—a topic of broad importance in Emory’s intellectual community. The Academic Exchange is a publication of Emory's Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (CFDE), which is supported by the Office of the Provost.

In addition, the Academic Exchange website provides original content, including podcasts and other multimedia features not found in the print publication. A companion electronic publication, ThoughtWork, offers a weekly compendium of emerging news and knowledge from Emory's intellectual community, including a comprehensive calendar of events. The ThoughtWork OutLoud podcast series, produced by the Academic Exchange, offers a more in-depth exploration of emerging topics among Emory's thought leadership.

As part of the CFDE, the Academic Exchange is also devoted to enriching Emory's intellectual life by coordinating special programs, workshops, and events, including the annual Feast of Words celebration of Emory faculty authors and editors of recently published books.

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Authors' Guide

The majority of writing in the Academic Exchange is opinion and commentary contributed by faculty authors. To read a full and detailed guide for authors contributing content to its pages, click here.

Editorial Statement

Because its primary audience is the Emory faculty, the Academic Exchange strives for an intelligent common language that is neither jargon-ridden and technical nor overly popularizing and reductive. Our goal is to strike a balance between precision and accessibility. >>more