Research Across Disciplines

Trailblazing or Losing Course?
Views of interdisciplinary scholarship at Emory
By Daniel Teodorescu and Carol Kushner, October/November 2003

Crossing the Bridge

Toward an applied history of medicine
By Howard Kushner, October/November 2003

The Test of Time
Programs, departments, and the changing landscape of knowledge at Emory
By Allison O. Adams, February/March 2004

Expeditions into the Known
On not minding my own business
By Marshall P. Duke, February/March 2004

Crossing Boundaries
How intellectual initiatives form and flourish
By Paul Jean and Daniel Teodorescu, September 2004

Anatomy of a Lullaby
In Emory's growing sleep research program, scholars encounter mystery and paradox
By Steve Frandzel, February/March 2005

Between Patient and Healer

Four anthropological observations
By Peter J. Brown, April/May 2003

Spirituality and Modern Medicine
Science on a wing and a prayer?
By Jorge L. Juncos and Kathleen Kiley, April /May 2003

Mrs. Bradley's Body

By Carla Gober, April/May 2003

A Cross-Cultural Perspective
By P. Venugopala Rao, April/May 2003

What Do You Believe In?
Special issue on religion, healing, and public health
By Arri Eisen, April/May 2003

The Humanities at Emory
New center makes a case for relevance
By Martine Brownley, April/May 2002

Making the Most of Our Intellectual Passions

The Commission on Research at Emory
By Claire Sterk, February/March 2002

Craving, Chemistry, and Co-Morbidities
Testing the substance of addiction research
By Amy Benson Brown, October / November 2001

The Significance of Stress
Emory researchers probe childhood and mental illness
By Amy Benson Brown, April / May 2001

The Undisciplined, the Multidisciplined, and the Interdisciplined
Reflections on a half-century's academic sojourn
By Andre Nahmias, February / March 2001

A New Spirit of Inquiry
The changing discourse around science and religion
By Amy Benson Brown, October / November 2000

Interdisciplinarity as an End in Itself
Cautionary reflections on the Luce Seminars
By James Gustafson, October / November 2000

Art and Science
Closer than you think
Sidney Perkowitz and Juliette Stapanian Apkarian, September 2000

New Mouths at the Table
Is interdisciplinary research draining the strength of the disciplines?
Roundtable dsiscussion with George Benston, David Bright, Stephan Boettcher, Dwight Duffus, and Barry Shur
September 2000

Taking Center Stage?
The role of the performing arts in Emory's intellectual life
By Allison O. Adams, April / May 2000

Emory and the changing climate of neuroscience
By Amy Benson Brown, December 1999 / January 2000

Discipline Envy
What does interdisciplinary scholarship mean at Emory?
By Allison O. Adams