Making the Most of Mentoring

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Sharing Knowledge, Support, and Experience

The multiple mentor model--academic mentoring by way of peer groups--is emerging as a powerful new approach to mentoring in the academy. Story

The Benefits of Experience 

Reaping the rewards of a peer mentoring group Story

Mentoring Matters 

Teams, cascades, and knowing the whole person Story

Video Feature

Establishing Best Practices in Graduate Mentoring 

The Laney Graduate School Executive Council seeks to build on graduate mentoring initiatives  Story

Strength in Cohort 

Faculty mentorship in the Center for Injury Control Story

Q&A with Kim Loudermilk 

"Having a clear mentoring agreement . . . makes sure that everybody’s on the same page, and that there aren’t expectations that can’t be met." Story

Q&A with Peter J. Brown 

"Mentoring is not handholding; sometimes it’s pushing students out the door and getting out of their way." Story

Promoting Lifelong Mentoring 

Envisioning a university-wide progressive program Story

Video Feature

Each One, Teach One 

Mentoring from the corporate world to the academic Story

Feast of Words

Is your book being published this year? Please let us know so that we can celebrate your accomplishment during the annual Feast of Words celebration of faculty books. Also see lists of previous years' books celebrated. Read More.