New and Emerging Inquiries

Great Expectations for the School of Medicine
Challenges and opportunities for the future
By Samuel C. Dudley, Jr., February/March 2004

Poetry Happens
The power and popularization of an ancient art at Emory
By Allison O. Adams, December 2004/January 2005

The Power of Sleep
Exploring disorder and disturbance
By Kathy P. Parker, February/March 2005

Why the University is Not a Strip Mall of Knowledge
A manifesto for humanistic education
By Mikhail Epstein, February/March 2003

The Culture of the Body
Listening for the corporeal ghost
By Dalia Judovitz, September 2003

Other Ways of Being Modern
Cultural homogeneity or diversity in the contemporary world?
By Bruce Knauft, September 2002

The Humanities at Emory
New center makes a case for relevance
By Martine Brownley, April / May 2002

The Rise of the Women's Studies Ph.D.
A lively market and uncertain implications
By Beth Reingold, February / March 2002

Mind, Body, Medicine
Is revolution brewing in medical research?
By Amy Benson Brown, February / March 2002

The State of the Discipline in Biology
A Slice of Life: One biologist's view of modern biology
By George Jones, December 2001/January 2002

The State of the Discipline in Nursing
Science, technology, and culture have stirred rapid change
By Helen O'Shea, October / November 2001

Where the Sidewalk Ends
New scholarly approaches to Atlanta's environment both complement and collide
By Allison O. Adams February / March 2001

Disability and the Academy
A field comes of age
By Amy Benson Brown, December 2000 / January 2001

Difference Politicized
Reflections on contemporary race theory
By Mark A. Sanders, December 2000 / January 2001

A New Spirit of Inquiry
The changing discourse around science and religion
By Amy Benson Brown, October / November 2000

Emory and the changing climate of neuroscience
By Amy Benson Brown, December 1999 / January 2000

This Is Not Your Father's Millennial Angst--Or Is It?
Emory faculty contribute to the explosion of interest in millennial studies
By Amy Benson Brown, December 1999/ January 2000

The Seventy Faces of American Jewish Studies
Emory scholars confront a field rocked by controversy
By Amy Benson Brown, October / November 1999