Resources and Research

Practical Matters
By Rebecca Stone-Miller, September 2003

Economic Challenges and the Art of Education
By Geoffrey Broocker, September 2003

And Then There Were Twelve
Five new appointments to fill Woodruff chairs
By Amy Benson Brown, September 2003

Upon Reflection
University leadership urges a new “discipline” of planning and assessment
By Allison O. Adams, October/November 2004

For Its Own Sake

When knowledge isn't for sale
By Steve Frandzel, December 2004/January 2005

Investigating Our Strengths and Weaknesses
A progress report on the Commission on Research at Emory
By Claire Sterk, February/March 2003

Who "Owns" the Intellectual Life of a University?
Faculty, administration, and governance
By William M. Chace, February/March 2003

Crossing the Great Divide

Enhancing faculty-trustee communication
By Karen Stolley, October/November 2002

Fostering Frank and Healthy Communication
The past and future of the University Senate
By William T. Branch Jr., October/November 2002

Advise and Consent
Taking faculty governance seriously
By Allison O. Adams, October/November 2002

Framing an Ethical Audit

Changing employee compensation and benefits at Emory
By James Fowler, April / May 2002

The Humanities at Emory
New center makes a case for relevance
By Martine Brownley, April / May 2002

Making the Most of Our Intellectual Passions
The Commission on Research at Emory
By Claire Sterk, February / March 2002

Mind, Body, Medicine
Is revolution brewing in medical research?
By Amy Benson Brown, February / March 2002

Is uncivil discourse quelling scholarship on controversial issues?
By Allison Adams, December 2001/January 2002

Do the Humanities Suffer at Elite Research Universities? (online only)
By Amy Benson Brown

The Springtime of our Discontent
Were last semester’s debates on the future of the arts and sciences a turning point?

By Allison O. Adams, September 2001

The Differences that Divide Us
Is talk of reconciliation in the academy only talk?
By Amy Lang, September 2001

The Big Squeeze
Crises in scholarly publishing and library acquisitions put pressure on faculty
By Steve Strange, April / May 2001

The Library, the University, and Communities of Readers
The changing and unchanging nature of research collections
By Steven Enniss, April / May 2001

At a Crossroads
The future of graduate education at Emory
By Amy Benson Brown, September 2000

Ideas for Sale
Will technology transfer undermine the academy or save it?
By Allison O. Adams, January 2000

Resources, Risk, and Reward
Getting what you need as a faculty member
By Allison O. Adams, September 1999