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ThoughtWork OutLoud is a podcast series on emerging knowledge and news from Emory University's intellectual community, produced by the Academic Exchange on behalf of the Office of the Provost at Emory.

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The Interchangeable Body: Medical, Cultural, and Ethical Revolutions

Emory's Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation, or VCA, program is pioneering the very new field of external limb transplant. Limb transplants are a very visible physical transformation -- the recipient can see the new limb, as can other people. It raises profound new cultural, ethical, social, psychological, as well as medical questions. Given that the procedure is a matter of quality of life, as opposed to a matter of survival, who are the best candidates for the surgery? Should a transplanted limb always be matched for skin tone? And thanks to advances in microsurgery and transplantation, it is now possible to transplant virtually every part of the human body -- but should we?

Stories Out of Silence: Recovering the History of Slavery and Universities

Examining the history and legacy of slavery in the university, the Transforming Community Project at Emory, and new intellectual inquiries emerging from these endeavors.

Predictive Health: Transforming Well Being

What is health? This simple question has engendered new intellectual pursuits that, Dr. Ken Brigham, a professor of medicine and Director of the Predictive Health Institute, describes as transdisciplinary, rather than multidisciplinary. The predictive health model is an invitation to think about human well being in an entirely new way. And for scholars in particular, it is an invitation to think about research in an entirely new way.