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Providing guidance, support, experience, and opportunity

The Barkley Forum has a long history of alumni support.  As is frequently said around the debate office, you "never leave the BF."  Alumni return to help run programs, provide expert advice on new debate topics, coach and judge at tournaments, and serve as a resource for internships and entry-level employment for recent Emory graduates.  Alumni are diverse in their experiences, interests, and accomplishments. They include attorneys, physicians, professors, teachers, government officials, university administrators, and successful entrepreneurs.  They are "the foundation" upon which debaters of the present reap the rewards of the past and become "the foundation" of the future.

"Through the efforts of these, the purpose of Emory has been furthered, and the forensic art for the current Forum and that yet to come has been enriched.  They are — the Foundation."

Thomas Glenn Pelham

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