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Ed Lee

Ed LeeEd Lee, M.A.

Executive Director, Barkley Forum

Formerly Director of Debate and Department of Communications faculty at the University of Alabama, Ed Lee has coached debate at Emory University since 2004. Widely considered one of the most innovative argument coaches in the nation, Lee won the Ovid L. Davis award as coach of the 2007 NDT champions and the James J. Unger award for coaching the 2010 Copeland winners, the number one team in the country entering the National Debate Tournament.  A highly preferred judge/critic, he has received the southeastern U.S. Critic of the Year Award an unprecedented five times. A former Director of San Francisco's Bay Area Urban Debate League, he works in various Urban Debate League programs in Atlanta. He has served on the NDT Committee, the CEDA topic committee, and has frequently participated in policy making at the National Communications Association academic conferences. A top national forensics institute faculty, Lee has worked at Michigan, Miami-Ohio, NYU, UMKC, Miami, and the inaugural faculty of the Jamaican Debate League. He has judged the finals of the National Debate Tournament twice and the finals of the Cross-Examination Debate Association National Tournament three times.


Phone: 404-727-6189