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James Roland

James RolandJames Roland

Senior Director of Community Debate Programs

Former nationally ranked debater and assistant debate coach at Southern Illinois, James Roland has been coaching and directing community programs at Emory since 2000. Director of Programs for the National Debate Project, Roland is one of the nation's foremost experts on the role of debate in urban education. He directs the Computer Assisted Debate Program, directs the National Debate Project Debate Center at Georgia State University, and has been a debate advisor to the U.S. State Department, Atlanta Housing Authority, Open Society Institute, and Urban Debate Leagues in Miami, Milwaukee, Memphis, Washington, D.C., New York, Nashville, Baltimore, and Jamaica. He has received recognition from the Atlanta Public Schools, Miami Dade Schools, the White House Helping America's Youth initiative, and earned an Emory Award of Distinction. One of the nations most sought after faculty members, Roland has served at debate institutes at Vermont, NYU, Gonzaga, Towson, Catholic, Miami, Emory, and the American University College of Law.


Phone: 404-727-6189