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Policy Debate Workshop

One-week Fundamentals of Debate, Deliberation, and Dialogue June 3-9, 2018 and June 10-16, 2018

Two-week Session June 10-23, 2018

Three-week Session for Advanced Debaters June 3-23, 2018

The upcoming high school resolution will provide the framework for the development of new skills and the enhancement of existing skills.

Student Focus

  • Improve speaking skills
  • Important strategies for each speaker position
  • Maximize the benefits of paperless debate
  • Generate ideas for current and future research efforts
  • Adapt to new arguments and argument strategies

Daily Lab Instruction

  • Labs led by award winning college coaches, high school coaches and contemporary college debaters
  • Most instructional time will be spent in these small lab groups focused on the fundamentals of contemporary policy debate
  • Argument analysis, use of evidence, speaking drills, and practice debates

Periodic Group Lectures and Discussions

  • Some topic content through group wide lectures and discussion panels 
  • Broad-based coverage of both affirmative and negative arguments
  • Topic analysis to prepare them to become experts on the year's resolution

Practice Debates and Speeches

  • Every lab will do a minimum of 2 full practice debates per week
  • Practice tournament provides opportunity to rehearse arguments on the topic
  • labs will focus on other proven debate skill builders including mini-debates, focused one-on-one debates, and video-taped debates

Directed Research and Use of Evidence

  • Students will receive electronic copies of all materials produced during their time at the institute
  • Institute staff will produce an evidence packet–including several affirmative and negative positions–and provide the packet to students at the camp
  • All research done at the camp will be edited and augmented by the Emory faculty for use in competitive policy debate for the upcoming season