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Public Forum Workshop

June 3-12, 2018

The upcoming high school resolution will provide the framework for the development of new skills and the enhancement of existing skills.

Student Focus

  • Improve speaking skills
  • Important strategies for each speaker position
  • Early preparation for the first topic of 2018, if released
  • Learn fundamental research skills ideas to help prepare for future topics
  • Adapt to new arguments and argument strategies
  • Daily access to the instructional staff

Daily Lab Instruction

  • A lab led by award winning high school coaches and former public forum debaters
  • Most instructional time will be spent in lab providing students the opportunity for strong skill development
  • Argument analysis, use of evidence, speaking drills, and practice debates

Practice Debates and Speeches

  • Every lab will do a minimum of 10 full practice debates
  • Focus on proven debate skill builders including mini-debates, speech re-dos, and extemp debates

Topic covered to provide a firm foundation for future topics include

  • How to Construct Strong Cases
  • How to Maximize Flowing Skills
  • Strategic Rebuttal Choices
  • Best Use of Crossfire
  • Understanding the Role of the Judge