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Why the ENDI is the Right Place for You

Emory University is one of the top 25 Universities in the United States and the Barkley Forum is one of nation’s most successfully competitive intercollegiate debate teams for the last fifty years.  Emory most recently recognized the value of debate as a form of education when it created the Barkley Forum Center for Debate Education.

  • The ENDI has taught thousands of middle school students debate skills since 1995

  • Now over 800 middle school students attend tournaments and teaching sessions under the leadership of Emory faculty, staff, and students

  • To this day, Emory staff and students regularly work with nearly a thousand high school and middle school students throughout the school year in classrooms, practice rounds, and tournaments

  • Our experience with middle school students helps develop a the fundamental debate skills of presentaiton, critical thinking, organization, teamwork, and research

  • Our summer camps for middle school students are at campuses appropriate for middle school students educational and recreational needs