The Bowtie Story

It may be that this page will end the comments and questions that I get regarding the "wearing of bowties."

I have been wearing them for many years.

Bowtie the Movie

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Though I have worn bowties for many years, I still get inquiries as to how, and why one wears one of these things. The reasons are numerous - and I appreciate further contributions.

Reasons for a bowtie include:

How To Tie A Bowtie


Adjust your tie so that one end is
1 1/2" longer than the other


Cross the long end over the shorter and
bring it up through the center


Form a single loop with the short end and
place it at your collar


Hold the loop with your left hand and
bring the long end down over the front


Form a second loop with the long end and
pass it up behind the front loop


Push the second loop through the knot
- behind the front loop

Now simply even the ends and tighten !

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