Major Players/Users


America Online Inc. plans to begin trials later this year for a "digital wallet" application that is designed to speed the process of buying merchandise at the company's flagship online service.

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Netscape Communications announced plans to incorporate a digital wallet into Navigator for organizing credit card, digital certificate, and other private information. The wallet will work in conjunction with LivePayment, a newly announced server application designed to turn Netscape Web servers into Internet cash registers.

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Microsoft Passport

Microsoft® Passport consists of two services: a "single sign-in" service that allows you to use a single name and password at a growing number of participating Web sites, and a "wallet" service that you can use to make fast online purchases.

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American Express

The independent financial services firm, now planning its own bank as well as a variety of other Internet services, intends to introduce a wallet along with its new Blue card.


MBNA is an early partner, and Brodia wants more big banks as distribution partners. Offers retailers a wallet to give away at purchase completion.


Veteran commerce software maker's newest wallet hasn't ignited much interest. Went back recently for more operating cash.


Mostly intends to give consumers real-time shopping advice plus some convenience.


PointCast and LaunchPad, which had built the eWallet, have merged to create an all-in-one surfer companion. The question: Want your credit card info where you keep your search blank?

Shopper handholding with the core benefit of filling out forms. Launched with 5,000 sites, added 5,000 more in short order.


The GlobeSet server-based wallet shipped in March. Partners include HyperCom and Compaq's Tandem division, but its focus on SET makes it sluggish in this round.


IBM's wallets have never captivated consumers. Until SET's a must, they're likely to stay dusty.


MSN is introducing its Passport wallet this fall, reaping the benefits built on top of its Firefly acquisition.


Credit card company claims about 30,000 users among its 100,000 account holders downloaded its special wallet.


Launched this year with emphasis on digital deliverables but aims for widespread acceptance.


Payments specialist sold 1.5 million licenses to its last wallet, which never took off. Lessons learned made newest product a simple drag-and-drop "card."


The SET-friendly vWallet isn't a household name. But it integrates with Quicken and other finance programs, and if card readers ever catch on outside of real-world retail, VeriFone's likely to be there.


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