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A Digital Signature Task Force developed the draft statute for the State of Georgia. The task force is an initiative of the Georgia Electronic Commerce Consortium. The Georgia Electronic Records and Signatures Act is designed to facilitate commerce by enabling a means of reliable electronic messages, minimizing the incidence of forged digital signatures and fraud in electronic commerce, implementing relevant standards, and establishing uniform rules regarding authentication and reliability of electronic messages.

Georgia Electronic Records

and Signatures Act

Signed into Law April 22, 1997

DRAFT of Georgia Digital Signature Act

Check out the act.

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Georgia Digital Signature
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The purpose of the effort is to facilitate the establishment of a statute to bring "Digital Signatures" into law. A Digital Signature is created using existing public key cryptography technology. This law authorizes the establishment of Certification Authorities (CA) that will authenticate a public key so that it will be trusted for use in commerce. The 'keys' are used to authenticate a sender or to decrypt an encrypted message. This technology will permit commercial transactions to be carried out across un-secure networks without fear of interception or forgery.


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Georgia Electronic Records

and Signatures Act

passed March 1997

Signed into Law April 22, 1997

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