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Technologies known as multimedia involve a nexus of information technologies associated with the management, communication, and presentation of image, motion, audio and other complex forms of messaging. These technologies are having a fundamental impact on the way we socialize, entertain, and communicate in society. Industries are transformed by our abilities to create and transmit complex images and movies. A general manager should have more than a "cocktail talk" level of knowledge to be able to make decisions on business options in products and services, channels to market and management of target markets. These technologies may also have a profound impact on coordination within and across organizational boundaries. In reality, these technologies are merely an exemplar for the fundamental societal and industrial changes that attend to the shift to an information society. The highways of commerce will be information highways that make new social and industrial relations possible. The course is part workshop and part class activity. For the most part, the students will work in small teams (3 people) on one of several multimedia initiatives that we will carry from concept to the deliverable of a CD. The class last spring and this fall worked on the following:

A class meetings review a wide range of issues, and team activities will permit groups to carry their project from beginning to end. We will also visit several local companies that are involved in aspects of multimedia. We will have a broad mix of interested people - technical skills (computing, video, audio, etc.), communications (broadcast, filmmaking, etc.), artistic (art, presentation, visualization, etc.), and content (subject matter expertise, etc.). We are after the curious/serious - everyone brings something to the table. Topics include a wide range of technology and management issues. Techniques discussed include:

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Due to the limitation of development systems and resources, enrollment will be limited to twelve students. Though not vocational, everyone is expected to develop skills in multimedia technologies and capabilities.

Multimedia is not for the "shallow of pocket."

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