Managing the Information Resource

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Over the past four decades information technology (IT) has permeated all the functional activities of most organizations. Indications are that this penetration will continue. As the cost of IT continues to drop significantly, its processing capabilities increase and insight grows related to effective exploitation of these organization transforming technologies. In many instances, effective leverage of IT has revolutionized the way firms do business. IT is no longer simply a resource to the business; it has become a critical component of the business environment itself. Where once an organization was defined by bricks and mortar. IT has helped to break down those walls, redefining the organization as a network of intra-organizational and inter-organizational relationships and redefining the work of an organization from exclusively creating physical products to managing information.

Innovative companies are responding to the IT opportunity by actively exploiting its opportunities; they are redesigning their organizations, creating new external linkages, and forging new strategic alliances. Managing the Information Resource, MIR, is designed to help the student to better understand and participate in these transformations. It will develop a broad strategic perspective and the specific knowledge and skills required to succeed in the emerging IT-based organization. MIR focuses on issues that must be addressed to ensure their effective assimilation. We will discuss new concepts, developments and frameworks that relate to information technology management. We will explore the ways that information technology can impact organizations. Topics include:

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