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Patterns of Electronic Commerce

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Course Overview

How will current and emerging technologies change commerce? How will buyers buy and sellers sell in the digital economy? What characteristics of a market suggest a readiness for these new marketplace technologies and new market practice? What technologies and market practice are needed to build trust in digital markets? New patterns of intermediation and disintermediation change strategic options for participants in digital markets. We will look at several industries that are in transformation as we begin this new century - the digital marketplace.

This course focuses on the increasing role of information technologies in transforming the nature of markets, buyer/seller participation and knowledge management within and between organizations. The course will use 1) lectures, cases and readings; 2) guests and domain experts, demonstrations and outside speakers; 3) videos of views of the future; and 4) projects and presentations to explore the opportunities and problems associated with the transformation of markets. We will overview the status of technologies including transport protocols, markup languages, information refineries, authentication, digital signatures, certificate authorities, rights management, virtual reality, biometrics and other technologies that transform the nature and location of the activities of commerce.

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