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The digital age offers opportunities for a new pedagogy. Teaching and learning are transformed by the intervention of emerging information technologies. We are able to rethink the ways in which we facilitate the learning process.

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More than ever, communities around the world share a common interest in having talented and trained men and women engaged in positions of responsibility and leadership. Quality education can play a critical role in attracting and preparing outstanding people for this purpose. The quality of education in turn depends greatly on the quality of an institution's faculty and its leadership. It also depends on the effective leverage of knowledge and technology resources to serve the teaching and learning process.


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The following links may be of interest to those interested in the transforming role of information technologies and the teaching process.

  • IT and Academic Productivity
  • Internet Resources for Teachers
  • Shakespeare Illustrated

    We are collecting information on projects and initiatives of the various departments and schools.

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    Emory is participating in the new world of webcasting, leveraging the technolgies of the Internet to offer a broad spectrum of educational content and brining together a number of university and corporate resources from all over the world.

  • Webcast Example

  • World Class Webcast

    November Webcast Demonstration

    As a part of our subcommittee interest in informing the teaching community about opportunities for leverage of emerging technologies, the subcommittee and ITD will be sponsoring a one day webcast event in late November or early December. The theme of the module will be trends in Electronic Commerce.

    The webcast will serve to demonstrate the technologies of streaming video and audio, recorded interviews and tutorials, web-published "zines" on emerging technologies and other exercises of the Internet resource.


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    Help Provide Information on Teaching Innovations

    We seek information on projects and initiatives that are taking place at Emory. If you have writeups and descriptions of your projects please send them to one of our subcommittee members.

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    We welcome comments, project reviews and recommendations

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