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Center for Electronic Commerce

Picture of Benn's Ofice The Center for Electronic Commerce was established in 1991 as a means of coordinating research and practice in the important areas associated with future forms of commerce. Advances in information technology are creating new possibilities. This is a Coke can (this is after all the Goizueta Business School at Emory University). This center efforts have been guided by Benn Konsynski from the (no longer virtual) Goizueta Business School Building . A number of cases and papers are available in the Harvard Business School press (search on "konsynski"). The Center for Electronic Commerce World Wide Web information area is under construction. Therefore, we would appreciate any comments or suggestions

Need for a Center for Electronic Commerce:

The growing number of electronic linkages between and among buyers and sellers is resulting in dramatic effects on the inter-organizational relationships and industry structure. Applied both within and across organizations, information technologies have a fundamental impact on business relationships among traditional and emerging industry participants. The application of these technologies support new forms of management and organization as well as new marketing and distribution channel services that (1) transform industry structure and patterns of influence, (2) create new business opportunities, and (3) alter business relationships among buyers and sellers. No market, management, or business practice is immune from these impacts. Innovative companies and industries are responding to the challenge by actively exploiting opportunities. These institutions are redesigning their organizations, creating new external linkages, and forging new strategic alliances. A wide range of issues have been addressed in dozens of example publications (search on "konsynski") forming the basis for the Center for Electronic Commerce:

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Themes and Initiatives:

Industries Studied:

The Center serves both management practice and academic communities. Studies have involved a wide range of national/international industry settings including: Automotive (U.S. and Japan), Insurance (Interface and Agency Automation), Healthcare Supply, Grocery/Department Retail, Hard/Soft Goods Manufacture, Electrical and Auto Parts Aftersale, Publishing and Information Services, Trade Document Processing, and Public/Private Sector Alliances.
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Activities of the Center:

The center is organized to conduct research, facilitate informative and collaborative meetings, deliver reports and presentations, facilitate industry trade group initiatives, and promote industry revitalization and preparation for 21st century business practice.

Benn Konsynski
Goizueta Business School
Room 426
Emory University
Atlanta GA 30322

tel: (404) 727-6698
fax: (404) 727-2053
e-m: Benn's e-mail
Benn Konsynski

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