Strategic Opportunities

2012-2013 Senior Vice President Opportunities

Campus Life Vision/Mission
Staff from the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness have been asked to facilitate a collaborative process to create a new vision and/or mission statement for the Division. This process should build a shared sense of identity and community among all areas within Campus Life and will include participation from faculty, staff, students, deans, Division staff, and Division leadership. Once alternative mission and vision statements have been drafted and approved, Campus Life will work with stakeholders to reexamine its strategic priorities.

Branding Campus Life/ Use of Social Media
Clear mission and vision statements will help the Division create a unified identity, instead of operating as a set of departments and units. Social media will serve as a valuable tool in marketing this new brand. Opportunities exist for the Campus Life Department of Technology and Communications to increase the social media presence of the Division.

Health Promotion/Play Emory
The Office of Health Promotion has strengthened its approach to engaging students in creating a healthier campus and promoting individual and community well-being. A national search for a health promotion specialist, combined with a shift in personnel responsibilities, will assist the department in achieving strategic goals. A significant opportunity exists to coordinate wellness efforts with Athletics and Recreation through Play Emory. Play Emory, a new model for wellness through physical activity programs, hired its new director in October. The director's charge is to design and implement recreation at Emory in a more modern and collaborative fashion by identifying and unifying existing resources.

Collaboration with Graduate and Professional Schools
Campus Life serves all students. Opportunities exist to collaborate more fully with both deans and student affairs personnel in each academic unit. Areas such as student health and counseling, crisis management, assessment, volunteer programs, and career services are natural intersections for collaborations. Additional collaborative areas will be explored.

Pre-Health Mentoring
Leadership in the Pre-Health Mentoring Office (PHMO) has shifted over the past three years. The PHMO office is a multi-unit partnership between Emory College, the Career Center, and the Office of the Provost. An opportunity exists for renewed investment in the PHMO office. PHMO requires codifying of the Sophomore Year Holistic Review initiative to best lay a foundation for first- and second-year students and the creation of a manageable and sustainable composite letter process.

Leadership Emory Framework
Leadership Emory was fully implemented in 2012 to provide a unified language for Campus Life departments to use to teach leadership development. The program seeks to collaborate more with academic departments and further expand the Social Change Model of Leadership. Michael Elliott, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty in the Emory College of Arts and Sciences, is Co-Chair of the program's Faculty Advisory Committee with Matt Garrett, Director of the Office of Student Leadership & Service.

Parents and Family Program
The Division is working closely with Development and Alumni Relations to better engage parents. Parents are a major constituent group for Campus Life and a need exists to create opportunities for programming, fundraising, and outreach. Personnel in Development and Alumni Relations have been added to Campus Life, and discussions are underway to explore the possibility of adding a Director of Parent and Family Programs for the Division.

Development and Alumni Relations
Campus Life will continue to build upon its success in meeting the Division's overall Campaign Emory goal. Although the overall goal was met, several targeted projects have not yet been fully funded. Campus Life will work towards aligning the Division's priorities with our development goals. Additionally, Campus Life is committed to partnering with Development and Alumni Relations and other stakeholders to promote an intergenerational community of lifelong learners.

Explore Additional Partnerships with Oxford College
Opportunities exist to expand and create additional collaborations with Oxford College's Campus Life. Current collaborations include Student Conduct, Crisis Management, Student Health and Counseling Services, Athletics and Recreation, and Barkley Forum. Additional collaborations should include Residence Life, the Career Center, Sorority and Fraternity Life, and support services for international students.

Enrollment Management
Campus Life will work with the Dean of Undergraduate Admission and other enrollment services representatives to identify better target numbers for transfer students. In the past these estimates have been a challenge, particularly for providing sufficient residential housing and appropriate student services for transfers. Campus Life will also work collaboratively with the University community to strengthen recruitment and retention programs.

Support for International Students
Campus Life will spend this academic year gathering information, through structured focus groups and benchmarking of our peer institutions, on how best to serve international students. A search for an international coordinator will take place this spring with an expected start date of July 1, 2013. The coordinator will work closely with academic and administrative units that serve international students.

Sorority and Fraternity Life/Vision for the Councils and Strategic Plan
Members of the Greek Community will work with Sorority and Fraternity Life to craft a vision statement that will be shared by all Greek Councils. This process will include developing a strategic plan/road map on how to achieve this vision. Current leaders will work on the vision, and the next elected group will work on the roadmap. The vision will be presented by the students at the President's Cabinet for discussion.

Protest and Dissent
In order to advance the work of the Protest, Dissent, and Community Task Force: Stage I, the University Senate has developed a charge for a Stage II task force. That charge, to examine practice and policies that address dissent and protest with the goal of making recommendations or revisions by spring 2013, will serve as the centerpiece of discussion for a group that will include persons from across an increasingly broader range of University constituencies. The Stage II task force will be co-chaired by Sr. Vice President and Dean of Campus Life, Ajay Nair and Professor Frank Alexander.

Academic Engagement and Learning Communities
Leveraging the expertise of faculty, staff, and alumni to build a stronger learning community is a divisional priority. Offices like the Barkley Forum, Student Conduct, and Residence Life and Housing help integrate Campus Life with the academic enterprise and help facilitate the growth and development of our learning community. Our learning community, and consequently the student experiences, will be enhanced through the expansion and/or renovation of the Dobbs University Center, student housing, campus recreational and athletic space, and our dining facilities. Andy Wilson, Director of Residence Life, and Michael Elliott, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty in Emory College, will lead a working group to explore opportunities and provide a set of recommendations for academic engagement and the development of learning communities in residential education, health and wellness, leadership education and service learning, and multicultural education.

Developing a Diversity Framework
The strength of the Emory community lies in its diversity. In order to reinforce this strength, the Division will partner with the Office of the Dean of the Chapel and Religious Life and the Office of Community and Diversity. The Division with explore expansion of signature programs in the Office of Multicultural Programs and Services and the Office of Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Life and will work with the community to develop a framework for diversity education that includes enhancing campus climate and strengthening learning communities.