Dean's Message

A Message from Dr. Nair

Emory University's Division of Campus Life enhances student life beyond the classroom and strengthens the Emory community through our programs, activities, services, and facilities. We help students as they strive to develop leadership skills, character, and discipline by providing a vast campus network that includes Leadership Emory, hundreds of student-run organizations and activities, public-service opportunities, fraternities and sororities, as well as athletics, recreational, and religious life programs.

We give students a place to grow in spirit and to learn to accept personal responsibility, and we provide many outlets for their practical skills and creative energies. Because Emory's student body is socially, ethnically, and racially more diverse than the student populations at many other universities, students can participate in a broad range of multicultural experiences that will help them to live and work with people whose backgrounds are different than their own. Our vibrant, engaging learning community experientially prepares students for ethical leadership and active citizenship at Emory and beyond.  

Our Campus Life staff and I look forward to being a part of your "life beyond the classroom."



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