Campus Life Student Leader Scholarship

Application 2013-14


The purpose of the Student Leader Scholarship is to give a deserving student the opportunity to continue to contribute to the Emory community in a positive way while relieving some of their financial burden. The scholarship is intended for a student leader who in many ways is positively benefitting the community of Emory University.


The scholarship award will consist of $1,000 (with the potential of growing as fundraising efforts continue), for the upcoming year. Along with the monetary rewards of the scholarship, the student will receive mentorship from different administrators of their choosing to help them carry out any projects on campus they would like to participate in. The students will have a list of administrators who they will be able to use as resources to facilitate any plan or project that they might have. One administrator will serve as the main mentor for the student and the student will meet with this administrator bi-monthly. Also the other members of the selection committee will continue to aid the student in cultivating their leadership skills throughout their time at Emory.


The student’s contribution will be determined by a selection board that will consist of Campus Life staff, a student representative, and former recipients of the scholarship.

Eligibility for this award is as follows:


Students may apply for the award in the beginning of the spring semester and the winner will be announced by the end of the spring semester. The award will begin in the fall of the following academic year.


You should prepare your own application, which must follow carefully the guidelines outlined below. Use sound judgment in what you include in your application. The Selection Committee wants to get to know you as a leader and a member of the Emory community.

After you complete the application, email it as an attachment to by 5 p.m. on Friday April 26th, 2013.

The application asks for the following information:

1) Your name and student ID.

2)  E-mail address, and phone number.

3) Resume

4) A personal statement answering the following question: How has Emory shaped your development as a leader? (Maximum 250 words, 12-point font)

5) A personal statement answering the following question: What has been your most significant contribution to the Emory community thus far, and what do you hope to contribute in the future? (Maximum 250 words, 12-point font)

Provide the full name and academic department of the faculty or staff member writing a letter of support on your behalf as indicated on the application. This letter of support should be written by an Emory faculty or staff member who can comment knowledgeably on your leadership ability. These recommendations must be emailed directly by the recommender as Word documents by 5 p.m. on April 26, 2013 to

All information in your application for the Campus Life Student Leader Scholarship must be done so in a manner consistent with the Honor Code of your college. In addition, student conduct records will be reviewed and considered in the selection process.

Email your completed application by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 26, 2013 to