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Guidelines for Implementing Policy 8.8: On Campus Events with Alcohol

Emory University is committed to the health and well-being of its faculty, staff, and student body. The university supports individuals who choose not to use alcohol, and supports and expects individuals who choose to use alcohol to do so legally and in moderation.

Organizers of events that will include alcohol are expected to fully understand and follow Emory’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy 8.8. The following guidelines were developed to highlight key provisions in 8.8 and offer environmental management strategies that can promote community safety and lower the risk of negative consequences of alcohol use. Event organizers should be aware that university-sponsored events that serve alcohol bring special risks and considerations for the health, safety and liability of participants and organizers.

General Guidelines

The University complies with and upholds all federal, state, and local laws related to alcohol, illicit drugs and controlled substances. 

Under no circumstances is the alcohol to be left unattended.

EmoryCard Reader

EmoryCard readers are required for events with alcohol. Once this event receives the necessary approval from Campus Life, the event request will be forwarded to the EmoryCard Office to reserve a reader and/or web-access for the event. The event organizer should coordinate directly with the EmoryCard office to confirm details.

Licensed Servers

Alcohol, including kegs of beer, is allowed only if a licensed caterer or trained non-student server servers the alcohol.

Type and Quantity of Alcohol Served at the Event

Availability of Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

All events where alcohol is served must have sufficient quantities of non-alcoholic beverages and substantial food offerings available at all times during the event.

Advertisements and Promotion of Events

While alcohol may be present at an event, it should not be the focus of the event. Depictions of the following should not be used in advertisements or in the promotion of events:

Publications of any type and in any media, including The Wheel and other newspapers, pamphlets, flyers, websites, etc., that receive some or all of their funding from University sources (including the Student Activity Fee) must not accept or contain commercial advertising or other materials that promotes, depicts or encourages excessive or underage consumption or use, or underage purchase, of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances.


The organization’s advisor is expected to:

Other Considerations

Consider your guests’ safety during and after the event. Some guests, particularly those from graduate schools where the majority of students live off-campus, will be driving home after attending events where alcohol is served. Be sure your guests know driving while intoxicated is illegal and not tolerated by the community.

Have numbers for local cab companies available to guests.

If you are from a graduate school or division, remind guests of the SGA cab reimbursement policy.


The above guidelines are not intended to provide an exhaustive list of environmental management strategies, but they do highlight key considerations for organizing events with alcohol.

In instances where individuals are found to be in violation of the University’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy, the University’s response will stress individual accountability, personal development, and connection to appropriate health services, as well as the effect on impacted parties and the community.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, contact the office of Student Involvement, Leadership, & Transitions at 404.727.6169.

If you have questions about alcohol use at Emory, contact Raphael Coleman, Assistant Director for Prevention Strategies, in the Office of Health Promotion ( or 404.617.3407).

If you have questions about your own alcohol use or are worried about a friend, contact Willie Bannister, Licensed Professional Counselor, in the Office of Health Promotion (wbannis@emory.edy or 404.727.9159).