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Ask John Emory
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Welcome to Ask John Emory!

(Who was John Emory?)

John Emory is a comprehensive listing of the most frequented websites at the university. Through Ask John Emory, the website is also a forum for students to share questions about life at Emory, from meal plans to course registration and beyond. To begin, please choose the category below that best reflects the department that may address your question. The linked websites direct you to a specific department or unit. If your particular question or concern is not answered or addressed through the websites, click here to submit an inquiry directly.

We are also here to listen to your comments. Ask John Emory is a space for you to share (confidentially, if needed) any concerns you have about your Emory experience. If you are here to voice your concern, send an e-mail to telljohnemory@emory.edu . If you send a question, you should expect a timely response to your emails. Any emails sent on the weekend, will be addressed the following week. As a reminder, if this is an emergency, please contact the Emory Police Department at 404-727-6111 or 911.


Academics are the core of the Emory experience. This section highlights the most frequented academic weblinks in the university such as information about the academic calendar, advising, and academic support. Click here for a complete listing of academic listings and support offices.

Campus Life

Student services programs and offices complement the academic mission of the university. This section highlights not only the health and wellness support for each student, but also the student athletic and recreation experience, career center and other student activities' resources. Click here for a complete listing of campus life student support services.


Administrative unit listing highlights information about the president's office, the provost's office, disability services and the deans' offices. Click here for a complete listing of administrative support services.


If a category is not listed in the academics, campus life, or administrative section, click here. Includes emergency contacts.

Not finding the answer to your question? Click here. If your matter is urgent, please contact the Emory Police Department at 404.727.6111 or 911.