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In December of 2012, growing student concerns sparked the formation of an ad-hoc committee designed to explore issues of race, gender, privilege, sexual violence, and oppression on campus.  This committee, composed of student leaders, faculty, and administrators from the Division of Campus Life, created an online form to gather student feedback, which resulted in two Emory-wide open discussion forums.

The creation of the Emory Black Student Union (EBSU) was a direct result and recommednation of the open dialogue and cooperation between the student community and Campus Life administrators, and the ad-hoc committee.  The space is one of several recommendations that were included in the 2013 Compact for Building Inclusive Community at Emory.  The EBSU was the solution proposed in response to a lack of community and programming space for the black community.  Campus Life and students acknowledged a series of challenging situations in the community and identified dedicated space as a key priority for best supporting black students at Emory.

The EBSU aims to improve race relations on campus and in the community by creating an environment that is receptive to African-American culture and ideas.  This environment is key to ensuring a successful academic and social college experiences for Black students, and successful communication with Black student organizations on campus.   In addition to being a hub for Black cultural organizations, the EBSU serves as a space for all students across all organizations at the University and a place where there can be an exploration of genuine cultural exchange!