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Trailblazers of Emory Program


Trailblazers of Emory end-of-the-year celebration was birthed on Friday April 25th 2014 to commemorate an amazing part of Emory’s history!  The first Trailblazers of Emory program was themed Building the Present upon the Past and paid homage to the First Black professors, admitted students and graduates of Emory University.

The Onyx Awards


The Onyx Awards are an esteemed and special component of the Trailblazers of Emory program that encompass nine distinct categories recognizing our exceptional leaders in the community.  The winner of these awards receive public recognition, are presented the award at the Trailblazers of Emory end-of-the-year celebration, are spotlighted in various publications and media outlets, and receive a certificate or plaque for their achievement.

First Blacks

Nine individuals were saluted as being the first trailblazers at the university representing nice academic units.  These individuals came from a myriad of disciplines and industries.  In spite of adversity, they accomplished breaking barriers and paving the way for the next generation of students, faculty, and staff.  As part of the Trailblazers of Emory program their biographies and pictures are permanently mounted on the walls of the EBSU in hopes to inspire the current Emory students to be trailblazers in their own way.  We salute these individuals and many others.