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ONYX Awards


The ONYX awards were named after pillars of the Black community, faculty, staff and students who made undeniable changes in progressing the community during their time at Emory.  Jaye George (‘15C) & Davion Colbert (‘14C) contacted Candace Pressley ('15C) chair and creator of  the Trailblazers program to see if it could become incorporated within the program.  The three worked together to create nomination forms and gather a committee of faculty and staff. The awards were named after a 2011 student led initiative headed by then first-year students, Anthony Keith ('15C) & Jovonna Jones ('15C) called the ONYX Bond Initiative. The Onyx Bond Initiative planned to provide various opportunities for Black first years to fellowship, network and unify as their years at Emory continued. The awards drew upon this legacy three years later becoming officially known as the ONYX awards of  the 2014 Trailblazers Program on Friday April 25th 2014.​ 

Qualifications and Procedures for Nomination

The Emory Black Student Union programming committee coordinates the selection process of the Onyx Awards, starting in March with notice to the university community to submit nominations. Any university employee may make a nomination by completing the online nomination form before the deadline. 

Nomination form and award information may be accessed here.

Nominations should address the award descriptions below that you are aware of or have observed during the nominees career at the institution. The more details and examples provided that demonstrate the promise of the nominee are highly encouraged. Nominations should be submitted by Friday, April 8th, 2016.

A selection committee will review nominations and choose the nominee who most closely embodies the spirit of the award.


Award Categories

Detailed inforamtion about each award can be located here.  


Recipients of the ONYX Awards


Strong Heart Award

Kimberly Herard '15C                                                                           

Hamilton Holmes Award

Malcolm Jones '15C

Brian Fuller Award

Casidy Campbell '16C
Patricia Taylor Award Kwadwo (Kojo) Sarpong '15C
Heart of Gold Administrator Award         James Francois, Associate Director of Communications and Assignments
Andrea Neal Award Adaobi Okocha '15C
Robert Lee Award

Dr. Rizvana Bradley

ONXY Alumni Award Dorothy Bota, CEBA
Jermaine Pearson Award Sophen Joseph '16C
Founders Guild Award of Service

Strong Heart Award                                                      

  Jovonna Jones '15C                                                                                     

Hamilton Holmes Award

Candace Pressley '15C

Brian Fuller Award

Kevin Satterfield '15C
Patricia Taylor Award Jaye George '15C
Heart of Gold Administrator Award Marlon Gibson, Director of the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life
Andrea Neal Award Huyen Nguyen '16C
Robert Lee Award

Okeoghene Ogag '15C

Simone Wilson '14C

ONXY Alumni Award Brandon Luten, CEBA Chair
Jermaine Pearson Award Quincy Cherry '14C
Founders Guild Award of Service Elizabether Alexander '16G, Samantha Scott '15C, Troizel Carr '15C, Jovonna Jones '15C