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Professional Development

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Emory Campus Life Professional Development


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Hot Topics
Doing the Right Thing:  Exploring Ethics in Our Professional Practice
February 7, 3 – 4 pm
AMUC 225 

Professional ethics and personal integrity are core competencies for any student affairs professional. Unfortunately, as a number of recent news stories indicate, we sometimes fall far short. In this seminar, Elizabeth Cox, Director of Residential Education, and Peter Paquette, Assistant Director with the Emory Integrity Project, will use case studies ripped from the headlines to explore ethics in our profession.

Hot Topics seminars provide ECL a chance to learn about and discuss hot topics in higher ed. They are open to all ECL staff.

Cultural Humility and Social Justice
Intent and Impact: The Science of Stereotyping and Bias
February 12
Harland Cinema 

Don’t forget to sign up for this mandatory training. Tufts University Psychology Professors Keith Maddox and Sam Sommers will present cognitive and behavioral science research on the nature of contemporary bias and what individuals can do to mitigate it.

New / Young Professionals Campus Life Employee Resource Group

Are you a new professional (in the field less than 3 years) or an ECL staff member in your 20's or 30's? Do you want to connect with and support your peers? Contact to learn more about this new CLERG. Get information about our other CLERGS here.


CONGRATULATIONS Campus Life Executive Leadership Fellows!

Our inaugural Executive Leadership Fellows are Elizabeth Cox, Sherry Ebrahimi, Michael Shutt, and Jane Yang. Fellows are identified by ELT as being future executive leaders in student affairs, and they participate in a yearlong fellowship that includes executive mentorship and coaching, opportunities to lead executive-level projects, and access to additional professional development programs and assessments.   

New Managers

Campus Life is launching a 9-month New Managers program. The pilot program is for senior staff new managers, and a program for all new managers will follow. Many thanks to Michael Shutt, Scott Rausch, Lina Vargas, and Cynthia Whitehead-Laboo for serving on the curriculum committee.

Remember to take advantage of these FREE online professional development trainings for Campus Life staff

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Statement of Purpose

Emory Campus Life promotes and celebrates the personal professional development of all our professional staff. ECL Professional Development provides education, mentoring, and skill building opportunities for staff in order to recruit, develop and retain the best people for implementing Campus Life’s mission.

 Professional Development is a key strategy ECL uses to

  • ensure Campus Life professionals continue to strengthen their practice throughout their careers
  • improve ECL’s quality of service to the Emory community
  • retain the best staff
  • increase staff engagement and productivity
  • build trust and collegiality  
  • lower the costs associated with turnover and low performance
  • build Emory’s reputation as a destination university for students and employees. 


  • Professional development is a combination of education and training, mentoring and networking, and on-the-job experience.
  • Everyone needs professional development.
  • Everyone benefits from learning about issues and trends in higher education.
  • Professional development relies on motivated employees, supportive colleagues, and caring supervisors.
  • We learn to do something by doing it.
  • We must all be skilled in understanding, mentoring, coaching, and championing each other.
  • Failing is professional development if we take responsibility for it, analyze it, get feedback on it, reflect upon it, and implement what we learned from it. 
  • We are at our best when we have purpose, are learning and growing, and are in an environment that challenges and supports us.