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The Campus Life Finance Service Center is located in Ignatius Few Hall at 4 Eagle Row.  

Questions?  Please email the Finance Core Team Leaders for answers.


Vargas, Lina 404-727-5327
Magby, Asti 404-727-0348
Vonyetta Hunter 404-727-3513
Cheytoria Phillips 404-727-6750
Boles, Catrina 404-727-8816
Foley, Diane 404-727-0270
Parra Zuna, Sonia 404-727-9177
Siegel, Debra 404-727-1512
Witter, Roland 404-712-8706

Campus Life Human Resources

Located in the Dobbs University Center, 4th floor, Mailstop:  1010-001-1CA

Duncan, Carol 404-727-9532
Fuller, Iesha 404-727-4144
North, Mekeshua 404-727-5554