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Mission, Vision, and Goals


The customer-centric service center provides financial and human resource strategic and operational support for the Division of Campus Life through managing financial and human resource transactions, budgets, projections, management information, and auditing on behalf of the Division.


The service center will be the leader in providing accurate, reliable, and usable management information to department heads, directors, and deans in order to support strategy development and decision-making while accurately and efficiently processing daily transactions for faculty, staff and students within the Campus Life Division.

Guiding Principles
  1. Provide outstanding customer support and service
  2. Act as a credible source of information for faculty, staff, and students
  3. Serve as an effective liaison between the departments and the central finance and HR units
  4. Provide high quality, thoughtful recommendations while supporting the final decisions of the deans, directors and department heads
  5. Provide timely and accurate responses to process and policy inquiries
  6. Operate with a team mentality and willingness to serve everyone
  7. Offer ways to gain efficiencies, reduce unnecessary redundancies, and provide feasible solutions
  8. Do what is best for the Division of Campus Life and Emory University

Goals of Service Center

  1. Standardize business and HR processes
  2. Provide consistent policy implementation
  3. Support all areas of Campus Life equitably
  4. Streamline business and HR processes
  5. Consolidate supply orders and reduce waste
  6. Reduce total FTE devoted to finance and human resource efforts
  7. Provide high quality management information reports, projections, budgets, and other data to departmental leaders and staff who need information in decision-making
  8. Provide cross-training of staff to ensure consistent support for all unit