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Frequently Asked Questions

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Corporate Card FAQs


Can I be reimbursed in cash for a work expense I paid for using personal funds?

Why did I receive a message saying there is something in my wallet?

What does creating an expense report do?

What do I do after paying something using my Emory Purchasing Card?

How do I pay an invoice I received?


What receipts do I need to attach to my report?

How do I pay for travel?

Can I get a travel advance?

How do I book air travel?

Can I split an expense between two or more smartkeys or departments?

Allowable expenses

Will Emory pay for meals with my collegue?

How do I purchase gift cards for volunteers or to use as prizes?

Can I give gift cards or other gifts to my staff?

Will Emory pay for celebratory meals or retirement gifts?

Account balances / Funds transfers

How do I find out how much is left in my gift account?

How much is left of my department's budget?

How do I give another deparment money to help them fund their program or event?

Your gift account balance can be found on the monthly report that you receive from your finance point person.  

Our fiscal year ends on August 31.  Your month-end report should show you your current budget balance.  Your finance point person should be able to assist you with your year-end projection. 

To give another department money to fund a program of event, please contact your area finance person.  They will need an email stating the amount of the transfer and the smartkeys that will be giving the transfer and receiving the transfer.  The account numbers to be used are 91100 for internal transfers out, and 91120 for internal transfers in.  Your finance person will generate the journal entry that will transfer the funds.

Human Resources

How do I hire a student?

How do I hire new staff?

How do I pay a non-employee for work they did for my program/project/department?

If you need to hire a student, you must post your position on Eagle Ops for a federal work-study student or regular student employee. If you do not have an account on Eagle Ops, please contact your area HR representative for further action.

When a vacancy becomes open, the department head must get approval to post their position with the Campus Life Budget Committee.  After approval, your area HR representative will work with you to post your position on the Emory Jobs page.