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Event Monitor Team

Purpose of the Team:
The Senior Vice President and Dean of Campus Life (DCL) has ultimate responsibility for protecting and maintaining the right of open expression and for enforcing the Policy. When the DCL chooses to delegate that responsibility, the appointed delegates then have the full authority to act in the name of the DCL under the Policy. These delegates are trained staff or faculty who will serve as Open Expression Observers to help protect open expression and the rights of all parties involved. As part of the responsibilities for enforcing the Policy, the DCL may send a spectator, known as an Open Expression Observer, to meetings or protests where vigorous debate may be expected. The Observer’s role is to protect the rights of the meeting or protest participants to express their opinions in non-disruptive ways, to educate all present on the Policy and how to refrain from violating the Policy, and to protect the rights of other members of the University community to conduct reasonable business.

Annually, the Senior Vice President and Dean for Campus Life will conduct a call for nominations, usually in the early fall, to identify new members for the Open Expression Observer team.  Based on community nominations, the Senior Vice President will select a group of approximately 20 individuals.

Individuals selected to serve will:

To nominate yourself or a colleague for the team, please complete this brief web form by November 25, 2013.

Request a Monitor at Your Event

For Urgent Requests, please contact the Open Expression Observer coordinator directly – or (404) 727-6169.

Have you already contacted the Emory Policy Department?  If not, the Open Expression Coordinator will work with you to do so.