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Emory University is committed to an environment where open expression of ideas are valued, promoted, and encouraged. As a community of scholars, Emory affirms the freedom of thought, inquiry, speech, and assembly. As outlined by the 2011 Taskforce on Dissent, Protest & Community Report,  the University Senate charged a task force in October 2012 to review and rewrite the Respect for Open Expression Policy.  A revised policy was presented back to the University Senate in October 2013 for ratification and the policy revisions passed the Senate unanimously.

This Policy reaffirms Emory’s unwavering commitment to courageous inquiry through open expression, dissent, and protest, while acknowledging the challenges and tensions these actions could create in an ever-changing community. Recognizing that the educational process of our institution necessarily includes diverse forms of open expression, the University affirms the rights of members of the community to assemble and demonstrate peaceably within the limits of this policy. Simultaneously, the University affirms the right of others to pursue their normal activities and to be protected from physical injury or property damage.