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Bias Incident Reporting

Emory University encourages all members of the campus community who have witnessed or experienced bias to report the incident.

You may elect to:

What Is a Bias Incident?

Emory University is committed to creating a welcoming and safe environment for all members of the university community. We are a living learning community based on respect, openness, understanding, and civility. A bias incident is any intentional or unintentional act or behavior directed toward an individual or group based on any facet of the individual’s or group’s identities. Bias incidents may take the form of, but are not limited to:

Preserving Evidence

Before a staff person can respond, please know the importance of preserving evidence: If you experience or witness a hate or bias-related incident, please do the following to document the incident the best you can: If you experience a written slur or discover graffiti, do not erase the text. The police will need to see it. If you have a camera or cell phone camera, take a picture of any evidence, such as physical injury, damaged property, or a license plate. If the incident is verbal, please write down exactly what was said to the best of your recollection. Retain the contact information of any possible witnesses. Please act immediately to preserve evidence, as speed and accuracy of response are critical.

Response Team

The Bias Response Team includes members of the university community who are available to support and guide students seeking assistance in determining how to handle a bias incident. The team member will document incidents and meet with affected students to facilitate services such as counseling, health services, or other referrals as needed to ensure safety and to provide assistance and comfort to those impacted.  Members of the Bias Response Team will also develop an appropriate plan to initiate communication with the broader community and make referrals to the Office of Student Conduct, Equal Opportunity Programs, or the Emory Police Department if the incident appears to violate a university policy or state/federal law.

Members of the Bias Response Team include:

Suzanne Onorato
Team Lead, Asst. VP for Community
Lisa Garvin
Religious Life
Allison Butler
Marlon Gibson
Danielle Steele
Michael Shutt
Scott Rausch
Residence Life
Adrienne Slaughter
DeLa Sweeney
Natalie Cruz
Bridgette Young-Ross
Religious Life