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Dean's Definer of the Month

The Dean's Definer of the Month is awarded to a deserving student, program, or community member who best exemplifies one (or two!) of our mission and vision's eight key concepts, a fantastic barometer of the talent we enjoy on campus. This year, we were lucky to spotlight the following awardees, with links to their deserving stories:

October: Naomi Maisel, "Catalyzes"

November: Berit Reisenauer, "Live what they learn, learn what they live"

December: Jordie Davies, "Polycultural"

February: Daniel Lim, "Socially Just, Cultural Humility"

March: Emory Pipeline Program, "Advancing Education into Action"

April: Hannah Dugoni, "Healthy & Sustainable Environment"

May: Andrew Wilson, "World-Class Programs & Services"