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Campus Life Student Leader Scholarship

Application 2017-2018


The purpose of the Student Leader Scholarship is to give a deserving student the opportunity to continue to contribute to the Emory community in a positive way while relieving some of their financial burden. The ‘need based’ scholarship is intended for an emerging student leader who in many ways is positively benefiting the community of Emory University.


The recipient is awarded $1,000 for the upcoming academic year, during which the student will receive mentorship from campus life administration and a committee of young alumni. The administration and committee alumni will provide the recipient with support in their campus initiatives and future endeavors.  One administrator, whom the recipient will meet with monthly, and one alumnus, will serve as the recipient’s primary mentors throughout the duration of the scholarship. The other members of the selection committee will continue to aid the student in cultivating their leadership skills throughout their time at Emory. Most excitingly, the student will be joining a network of student leader scholarship recipients with whom they can also gain mentorship. 


The student’s contribution will be determined by a selection board that will consist of Campus Life staff, a student representative, and former recipients of the scholarship.

Eligibility for this award is as follows:


Students may apply for the award in the beginning of the spring semester and the winner will be announced by the end of the spring semester. The award will begin in the fall of the following academic year.