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ECL Program Highlights: Fall 2017

December 5, 2017

Check out recent developments for Emory Campus Life offices, programs, and initiatives.

A Committee to assist Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands was formed by Dean Nair in November to determine how Campus Life can further assist our fellow citizens in the islands and Emory students from those communities in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. David Clark and Suzanne Onorato lead the committee, which has already undertaken several important actions. Teams of ECL staff are determining how to promote awareness of the need, raise additional funds, and ensure that donations collected by Emory organizations are delivered via legitimate Atlanta-based agencies. The committee is also exploring ways – including through housing, dining, clothing, and transition – that Campus Life can support the university’s commitment to enroll up to 32 students from Puerto Rico in spring 2018.

Community Building and Social Change (CBSC) Fellows, a program of ECL’s Civic and Community Engagement (CCE) unit, partnered with the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (CFDE) to pilot a University Learning Community (ULC). Focused on the Buford Highway Corridor, the initiative is organized around an art and social transformation theme. The 26 participants include Emory students, faculty, staff, and community partners learning together how to create excellent community-campus partnerships. Seven mutually agreed-upon projects were created, ranging from using photography for exploring healthy relationships to teaching improv theater exercises as part of test preparation. Launched in spring 2017, the initiative’s impact continues to grow, with expanded relationships and projects planned Emory and the community.

The Faculty in Residence (FIR) program, sponsored by ECL’s Office of Residence Life, increases meaningful interactions between students and faculty members (FIRs) living in residence halls as part of the program. Residence Life staff work closely with FIRs to offer an intentional residential education experience for Emory students and strengthen connections between students’ curricular and co-curricular activities. View a three-minute video of this year’s FIRs discussing the program. Click here to visit the FIR website.

Open Expression Observers Program, a group of faculty and staff volunteers from various Emory units, is coordinated by Emory Campus Life. The trained volunteers attend various campus events to help inform bystanders, participants, protestors, and/or counterprotesters of their rights in accordance with the university’s Respect for Open Expression Policy 8.14. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) recently assigned Emory a “green light” status for its commitment to free speech and open expression on campus. Emory is one of only 37 universities nationwide and the only one in Georgia to enjoy that status. Read more in an opinion by Emory Professor Sasha Volokh.

Campus Life Center is literally taking shape before our eyes as foundation is poured and steel infrastructure erected. For more information, including project updates and/or to subscribe to the CLC Newsletter, visit:

December 2017 Emory Campus Life Center - update on Construction

November 2017: Issue 6

GLOBE International Families group, including 20 costumed children, participated in a Halloween trick or treat event hosted on Saturday, October 28, by students from the Longstreet-Means Residence Hall. GLOBE meets twice per month and describes itself as “a community for all international, multicultural, multilingual, and globally minded families of Emory University.” Read the full story in this issue of ECL Connections newsletter. For more information, contact Rick Huizinga, coordinator for International Student Life, at

Emory Dining has been recognized in two nationwide rankings for 2017. Best Value Foods ranked Emory number 11 among its “50 Best Colleges with the Best Food 2017-2018.” The Daily Meal ranks Emory at 19 in its ranking of the “75 Best Colleges for Food in 2017.” Learn more about Emory Dining:

Campus Life Center construction continues to move forward. The following highlights are based on updates provided by Campus Services.

The first concrete pour is scheduled for November 7, weather permitting. Although general construction hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., concrete pours begin earlier to avoid concrete mixers getting stuck in traffic and to ensure the work is completed in one day. For this pour, equipment will begin arriving at the site at 4 a.m. and begin to pour at 5 a.m. This first pour will require 21 concrete trucks; they will enter via the Raoul Hall gate and exit via the Asbury Circle gate, a route that reduces noise disturbance to the community.

Work recently completed includes underground piping and utilities for a section of the south pavilion, which allows crews to prepare the area for the first concrete slab. Crews placed concrete footings, applied a waterproofing membrane to the concrete wall on the south pavilion, and worked on sections of the permanent shoring wall. Work is also underway a new ADA entrance to the AMUC.

Upcoming work includes two major events next week. Crews will work to place the first concrete slab on grade for a section of the south pavilion. A mobile crane will arrive and be assembled and tested over several days. It will be used over the course of the project to pick up large steel columns and beams, heavy pieces of equipment and misc.

Question: Do you know where the marble for this project comes from -- or the source of marble for Emory’s first construction on this campus 100 years ago? Find the answers in a recent issue of the CLC Newsletter.

CLC construction site
Crews are preparing for the first slab on grade concrete pour. This area is part of the future CLC kitchen and restaurant, which accounts for the numerous underground utility systems, plumbing, and electrical. (Photo credit: Campus Services.)

Our Program Highlights section provides updates on significant developments with ECL units and initiatives. Please send your suggested updates to us at

October 2017: Issue 5

Black Male Initiative BMI) is a new opt-in learning community designed to increase black male engagement on campus by enriching their Emory experience. The initiative provides black male students with academic and social support, access to campus resources, and professional development. Located in Harris Hall, BMI is a collaboration of the Emory Black Student Union, Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life, Center for the Advancement of Student Advocacy and Agency, and Residence Life. For more information, contact Des’mon Taylor, complex director, at des'
Housing Operations played an active role this month in two Atlanta events of the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International (acuho-i) – the Business Operations Conference and the Housing Facilities Conference, October 2-4 and 16-18, respectively. Emory’s Housing Operations team conducted two tours of university facilities for a total of 125 conference participants. They also presented three sessions at the conference, which is geared to professionals involved in the operational aspects of housing and residence life communities.  
Mentor Campus Life is seeking mentors and mentees. The program facilitates one-on-one mentorship opportunities for Emory Campus Life employees. Included are: assistance developing goals and strategies for growth and success; communicative and professional support; networking opportunities; and advice on professional and community service. For more information, click here.
Surviving & Thriving is a support group for survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. The initiative is offered by Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and will begin meeting in January 2018. To learn more, contact Rhonda Donoho at 404.712.2202 or Laura Morrison at 404.727.4140.

September 2017: Issue 4

Office for Racial and Cultural Engagement (RACE) is a new initiative of Emory Campus Life’s Community portfolio. Building on many years of outstanding work by the Office of Multicultural Programs and Services (OMPS), RACE will partner with various Emory organizations to create programs and initiatives that challenge students to explore the ways in which race informs cultural and communal development. Check out the RACE newsletter.

Emory Family Weekend and Homecoming are scheduled for the same weekend this year, October 19-22. Emory Campus Life (ECL), Student Programming Council (SPC), and Emory Alumni Association (EAA) combined the events to add synergy to both and avoid conflicts with religious holidays in September and October.

Campus Life Center (CLC) construction preparation moves forward. Among a range of activities in September, crews prepared the jobsite for Tropical Storm Irma. They also placed steel on the concrete foundation for the project mockup in the courtyard behind Raoul Hall.

The mockup is a mini-version of specific sections of the building’s exterior cladding. It will allow a review in the field of how the various components of the walls and window systems interact with one another and how various materials look together on-site. Seeing this in the early stages of the project allows for changes, if needed, before long-lead items such as the window systems are fabricated and delivered to the project.

Learn more at the CLC website, where you can watch a video of demolition of the old building, view animated images of the new facility, check out weekly updates, and sign up to receive the CLC newsletter.

Ed. note: Our Program Highlights section provides updates on significant developments with ECL units and initiatives. Please send your suggested updates to us at

August 2017: Issue 3

Dobbs University Center (DUC) demolition is underway and making way for construction of the new Campus Life Center (CLC). Check out the one-minute time lapse video of demolition during the entire week of July 5-13.

Emory Family Weekend and Homecoming are scheduled for the same weekend this year, October 19-22. Emory Campus Life (ECL), Student Programming Council (SPC), and Emory Alumni Association (EAA) combined the events to add synergy to both and avoid conflicts with religious holidays in September and October.

Strategic Planning Committee has developed a new template for departmental strategic plans and uploaded these plans to the ECL strategic planning webpage, where all departmental plans may be viewed. The new template will be used to upload updates for each departmental plan for the duration of this strategic planning cycle. Updates will be due twice per year at the end of September and March. More information on this process will be shared with departments by Strategic Planning Committee members.

Bridge Fund Committee has announced the 2017-18 Bridge Fund Call for Proposals. Based on feedback, changes were made for the upcoming year, including an extended application timeline, information/feedback sessions with members of the committee, and a more interactive feedback process. Important dates related to the call for proposals: 

Bridge Fund Brainstorm

Information/Q&A sessions with Bridge Fund Committee

Proposal Deadline 

For the full timeline, click here

Ed. note: Our Program Highlights section provides updates on significant developments with ECL units and initiatives. Please send your suggested updates to us at