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CLC Update: DUC demolished, AMUC protected, debris recycled

August 8, 2017

By Al Herzog, Program Manager, Campus Services

The last section of the DUC was demolished on July 20. Special precautions were taken to ensure there was no damage to the Alumni Memorial University Center (AMUC). A plywood barrier protects the façade. The demolition contractor has worked diligently to separate the various construction materials so that they can be hauled to an off-site recycling facility. Installation of a new water service for the CLC is underway in the courtyard behind Raoul Hall. 

CLC/DUC old site
This aerial view taken in early July shows demolition of the DUC underway, as well as work at various points in the jobsite.

Other enabling work includes rerouting steam service inside the AMUC, completion of a new compactor pad across the street from Raoul Hall, and locating the construction project trailers near the southwest side of the DUC-ling temporary dining facility.  

Work will continue during the first two weeks of August to transport construction debris to a recycling center. Crews will continue working on demolishing concrete structures near the AMUC. Inside the AMUC, work continues to address finishes on the west side of the building where it previously connected with the DUC.

The concrete pad at the AMUC loading dock will be cut prior to extending the campus underground steam distribution piping. Performing this work now will reduce disturbances for students who will return to campus later this month. Water line installation will continue. 

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Photo courtesy of Campus Services.