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Student Intervention Services

Dear Students, Parents, and Campus Colleagues:

I’m thrilled that you’re here at Emory, and that you are reviewing this part of our website. We live in a culture that celebrate success and pushes us to achieve. We have high expectations, and every day I am awed and humbled to see the passion and drive Emory students bring to campus. However, every brilliant light casts a shadow. For students and families used to achieving, that shadow can manifest as difficulty asking for help. When we struggle it can be challenging to reach out for help, and it can seem like weakness to admit our limitations. I challenge you to rethink that idea.

Emory is a caring community, and the Division of Campus Life is committed to helping each student succeed. Students come to test the boundaries of knowledge, but also to test their own personal boundaries. When you take on more than you can handle, it is not weakness to ask for help. In fact, it is a sign of wisdom.

The Student Intervention Services (SIS) Team exists to help students achieve their fullest potential. When you thrive and achieve we want to celebrate those successes with you. When you struggle, we want to be there to help support you. The team consists of trained professionals who coordinate the university’s response to students in distress, with the goal of providing them the resources and support they need to succeed.

Please, take a moment to review the information in this part of our website. The SIS Team has compiled resources I think you’ll find helpful. If you are a student concerned about your success we want to assist you. If you are concerned about the success of a student you know or work with, please contact the SIS Team. 


Ajay Nair, PhD
Senior Vice President and Dean for Campus Life