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Dear Students, Parents, and Campus Colleagues,
We live in a society that emphasizes and greatly rewards academic achievement and success. As a result of this societal view, students are often under excessive pressure to perform. While being at a top university aides in their successes, it can also amplify the expectations and pressures that Emory students must deal with. Furthermore, given the academic successes Emory students have experienced, many may find it difficult to seek help and guidance. Our office aims to change this stance and provide students with the resources and assistance necessary to being successful both in their academic and personal lives.
Emory University seeks to help contribute in the growing and molding of students into contributive members of society. Through both academics and the Division of Campus Life, Emory is committed to helping students succeed in all facets of their lives. The Student Intervention Services (SIS) Team exists to assist students in balancing their academics, work and personal lives. We aim to provide support and resources for Emory students to reference in order to ensure they are making the most of their time at Emory as well as developing a lifestyle conducive to their own happiness and success. The team consists of trained professionals ready to guide students in the monumental development faced during their college years.
If you are a student concerned about your success, we hope you will come utilize the resources present on our page as well as make an appointment to come in and talk with a SIS team member. If you are concerned about the success of another student, we urge you to contact the SIS team.
If you are a parent and not sure where to start if you are in need of assistance with your child, please contact the Student Intervention Services team. We can assist parents in navigating difficulties and systems here at Emory University.
If you are faculty and concerned about a student and need assistance, please contact the SIS Team, as well. We will provide feedback and the outcome of your call.
Adrienne Slaughter, LCSW, MSW 
Director of Student Success Programs and Services
Division of Campus Life