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Strategic Values

Flourishing Community
We will inspire and empower all members of the Emory community to optimize their potential by encouraging physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.

Critical Inquiry
We are committed to engagement that challenges and supports community members in their e orts to critically question the world and themselves by pursuing authentic, free, and open exploration.

Cultural Humility
We will catalyze lifelong self-re ection and self-critique that fosters polycultural exchange and community building in pursuit of authentic engagement with the world.

Courageous Integrity
We will create lifelong leaders who are committed to ethical decision-making and principled behavior and inspire positive transformation in the world.

Social Justice
We will promote an inclusive and diverse community that challenges injustice, a ords equitable access to resources, and a rms and appreciates our di erences and intersections as members of the Emory community.

Personal and Professional Excellence
We will share knowledge, expand skills, develop new ways of knowing and understanding, and develop innovative models of collaboration that strengthen our community.