Peter J. Brown, PhD
Professor, Departments of Anthropology &
Hubert Department of Global Health
Director, Center for Health, Culture and Society
Emory University
1518 Clifton Road NE, Rm 710
Atlanta, GA 30322
Tel 404.727.5760 or 404.727.8141

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Selected Publications by Peter J. Brown

1986  Socioeconomic and Demographic Effects of Malaria Eradication: A Comparison of Sri Lanka and Sardinia.  Social Science and Medicine 22(8):847-859

1986  Cultural and Genetic Adaptations to Malaria: Problems of Comparison. Human Ecology 14:311-332.

1987  Microparasites and Macroparasites.  Cultural Anthropology, 2:155-171.

1990  The Anthropology of Infectious Disease.  Annual Review of Anthropology vol. 19:89-117 (with Marcia Inhorn)

1996  Disease, Ecology and Human Behavior.  in Medical Anthropology:A Handbook of Theory and Method,  Second edition. Pp 183-219. T. Johnson and C. Sargent (eds) Westport, Connecticut: Preager.  (with M. C. Inhorn and D.J. Smith)

1996  Culture, Evolution, and Obesity. In A.J. Stunkard and T. Wadden (eds) Obesity: Its Causes and Management, New York: Raven Press Pp.  (with Vicki Bentley-Condit)

1996  Applying Anthropology. (4th edition) Applying Cultural Anthropology (3rd edition) Mayfield Publishing (with Aaron Podolefsky)

1997  The Anthropology of Infectious Disease: International Health Perspectives.  (edited with Marcia C. Inhorn) New York: Gordon and Breach Publishers.

1997  Culture, Ethnicity and the Practice of Medicine. In An Introduction to Human Behavior for Medical Students. Third edition. A. Stoudemire (ed), pp. 84-106. New York: J.B. Lippincott Publishers [with Jessica Gregg]

1998  Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology. (ed) Mountain View, CA: Mayfield Publishing