Young People Against AIDS!
National and International Contest


Come up with a creative idea for a film about AIDS and see your film broadcast on national and international television.

Take part in the contest and help other people learn about HIV/AIDS. . . and at the same time, win prizes! Go for it!

The Scenarios from Africa contest

The contest will take place across Africa from _____ to _____. The contest is open to all young people who will be under the age of 25 on ________. ( If you are older than 24, encourage younger people to take part and give them a hand.)

You are invited to come up with an original idea (a "scenario) for a short film up to 5 minutes in length. The best ideas will be adapted by professionals and turned into films by some of Africa's greatest directors.

It's up to you to decide what form your idea will take. it can be a short story, a comic strip, a song . . . you can even record your idea on audio cassette, compete with music, if you would like! Anything is possible as long as the text is in English. It's also up to you to decide if your scenario will be serious, sad, full of hope or funny!

As you create your scenario, please talk to organisations or individuals in your community who can provide you with good information on AIDS.

How to participate?

You can take part alone or in a team. Working in a team has its advantages. It's a great opportunity to talk about AIDS together to learn what other people think. Also, if someone would like to take part in the contest, but doesn't write in English, he/she can work together with others. Each team member must choose a leader.

The participant ( or the team leader) must fill in the questionnaire that you will find on this web page. So, to participate in the contest you must provide two things: your scenario and your completed questionnaire. Those two things must be submitted by __________.

Each scenario may be up to 10 pages long (maximum!). The length of your scenarios recorded on audio cassette may not be more than 15 minutes. Scenarios submitted by web will automatically be limited to ________ characters which is about 10 pages.