Interdisciplinary Fellowships

The Center for Health, Culture and Society (CHCS) Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program is funded by the Graduate School and the Rollins School of Public Health.  It is designed to support individualized interdisciplinary training programs for graduate students interested in the intersection of public health, culture, and society.  Fellowships are for one year and include a stipend of $16,000 plus tuition. CHCS awards four fellowships each academic year.  Two fellowships are for current Graduate School Ph.D. students to study public health and two fellowships allow current Public Health students to study complementary disciplines in one or more Graduate School departments.

Faculty advisors for the program are Dr. Peter Brown (Global Health / Anthropology), Dr. Howard Kushner (Behavioral Sciences and Health Education / Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts), Dr. Kate Winskell (Global Health), Dr. Deborah McFarland (Global Health), Dr. Matthew Archibald (Sociology), and Dr. Richard Levinson (Dean, Rollins School of Public Health).

Other Fellowship Opportunities  

CHCS has offered post-doctoral or doctoral fellowships for participation in a specific health, culture and society seminar.  There are no fellowships available at this time.