A meeting ground for social and health scientists, humanists and health professionals interested in the interplay of health, culture and society.


Peter J. Brown, Ph.D.

Associate Director:
Howard I. Kushner, Ph.D.
Assistant Director:
Kate Winskell, Ph.D.

CHCS Goals: Current Activities:

To create an intellectual environment that encourages the discussion of interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to problems of broad public health importance that transcend disciplinary, institutional and national boundaries.

Speaker Series
AHHHS Speaker Series

Health, Culture and Society Seminar

• To develop and maintain cross-disciplinary training opportunities and innovative approaches to teaching for students and faculty at Emory in order to better pursue interdisciplinary questions in health, culture and society.

Fellowship Program
Global Health Minor
Applied History of Health & Health Sciences Program

To encourage and support members of the Emory community in the early development of interdisciplinary research programs on issues of health, culture and society and well as making linkages between research and health policy formation and implementation.

Africa / Scenarios Linkage
Kawasaki Disease Research Project

News Highlights
**Global Health, Culture and Society Minor Program moves to Anthropology Department as of 3/09/2009**

Read the Emory Report article "Winskell's films focus on HIV/AIDS prevention" by Robin Tricoles.

Center launches Applied History of Health & Health Sciences Program.

Read E Melanie Brickman's review of Emerging Illnesses and Society: Negotiating the Public Health Agenda edited by Randall M Packard, Peter J Brown, Ruth L Berkelman and Howard Frumkin.

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